What is Skillz Live?  

Skillz Live is eSports technology that turns a streamer's channel into an eSports arena! With our technology, streamers can interact on their channel with 1000+ viewers in a live tournament for fun, cash, and prizes! We power eSports tournaments in over 1,000 mobile games, and now streamers along with their followers can join in the action. 

How much does it cost me to stream with Skillz Live ?  

Nothing! Skillz Live is a free service for any streamer to use.  As for the tournament that you stream, Skillz Live provides both free-to-enter and pay-per-entry tournaments - it's your choice.

Why stream with Skillz Live ?  

The Skillz Live was created to craft the future of eSports streaming. As a streamer, you and your followers will have benefits including: 

  • Entertain and engage your followers in a live tournament
  • Retain your followers during wait-time (like loading, in between matches, finding opponents)
  • Reward your followers with cash and sponsored prizes including iPads, headphones, games, gift cards, and experiences 
  • Grow your followers by being one of the first to showcase mass multiplayer live tournament technology
  • Evolve your channel by broadcasting the bleeding edge of eSports

Video highlights from some of our streamer partners!

How do I host a tournament with Skillz Live ?  

Hosting a tournament on your channel is easy!

Step 1: Create a streamer account at events.skillz.com

Step 2: Set up your tournament

Step 3: Download game for your mobile device (Android or iOS) from games.skillz.com

Step 4: Launch the browser-based tournament display with one-click and place directly into OBS (instructions available)

How do my viewers play in the Skillz Live tournament?  

With Skillz Live tournaments you can play with or against all of your followers in an interactive and engaging tournament!

Step 1: Players download the specified game on their mobile device (Android or iOS) from games.skillz.com 

Step 2: Players create a Skillz account

Step 3: Players enter specific match code (only available to those viewing your stream!) 

Step 4: Players complete their entry and are awarded prizes at the end of the tournament! 

Who does Skillz Live work with?

We are working with streamers including: 

Skillz by the Numbers

  • 70M+ Tournaments Hosted
  • $43M+ in Cash Prizes Awarded 
  • 1,600+ Games Studios using Skillz

What is the difference between Skillz and Skillz Live?  

Skillz Live is the live events technology created Skillz Inc to bring eSports spectatorship to the masses. Skillz, the worldwide leader in mobile eSports, has hosted more than 70 million mobile eSports tournaments for players in over 180 countries. More than 1,600 game studios use the Skillz platform, which account for over %20 of all eSports payouts last year.  Founded in 2012, Skillz has offices in San Francisco and Boston. Skillz has raised over $28M in funding led by Atlas Ventures, David Bonderman's TPG Wildcat, Marc Lasry (co-owner of Milwaukee Bucks), and the Kraft Group (owner of New England Patriots).

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